Tembo Foundation Ltd.

As a conservation-minded company and stewards of the local wildlife, TAI and our outfitter, Tanzania Wildlife Company Ltd. (TWC), feel a deep sense of responsibility to ensure the protection of Tanzania’s wilderness. The Tembo Foundation Ltd. (TF) is a non-profit charitable organization recognized by the government of Tanzania, and was established primarily to achieve the goals of wildlife and habitat preservation in Tanzania. As a hunting client of TWC, you contribute to the efforts of TF through a surcharge or “conservation fee” placed on the government game trophy fee. This conservation fee or surcharge is not tax deductible. These funds finance year-round anti-poaching operations and various community development projects aimed at facilitating the self-development and education of communities to promote long-term sustainable conservation and the protection of Tanzania’s wildlife, and ultimately hunting itself. Additional funding for the ongoing efforts of TF is in the form of donations from clients and outside organizations around the globe.

Tembo Foundation

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