Download Brochures & Forms

You may download brochures and forms pertaining to the safaris and services offered by Tanzania Adventures Inc. by clicking on the links below. Adobe Reader is required to view PDF files.


Safari Planning

  1. Safari Destination PlannerSafari Destination Planner (prepare for your safari & complete required forms)

Additional Forms

  1. TAI Release of Liability Form (each safari client must sign and return to TAI office)
  2. TAI Parental Release of Liability Form (parents/guardians of clients under 18 yrs of age must sign and return)
  3. TAI Terms & Conditions, Expectations & Restrictions (each hunting client must read, sign page 5 and return to TAI)
  4. USFWS CITES Import Permit Application (A Requirement for Leopard and Elephant hunters-US clients only)
  5. TWC-TEMBO Conservation Info (a supporting document to be included with CITES applications)
  6. GLOBAL RESCUE MEMBERSHIP UPGRADES (upgrade your complimentary short-term membership to annual, family, or security plans)
    1. Upgrade Option for 7-10 Day Safaris
    2. Upgrade Option for 14-21 Day Safaris
    3. Upgrade Option for 22-28 Day Safaris
  7. TWC Tipping Guidelines (how much should I bring?)
  8. Tanzania Tourist VISA Application (required for each member of safari)