PH Daniel Moore

Daniel Moore

Daniel was born in 1982 and grew up in a family that loves the bush. Upon graduation, Daniel moved to Zambia where he built lodges and spent time as a guide in his off time. Later, he moved to the lower Zambezi where he was manager of a wildlife lodge. He soon realized his interest and passion lay with the wilderness and being a guide. He became a full-time guide doing vehicle, walking, and canoe and fishing safaris. From a young age, Daniel scoured the bush, looking under logs and rocks, always on the hunt for reptiles which has led to a life-long passion for these creatures. His other interest is in birds of prey and falconry. Daniel moved to Tanzania in 2003 and worked for Tanzania Game Tracker Safaris as a concession manager, professional hunter, and guide until joining Tanzania Wildlife Company Ltd. this year as a full-time professional hunter.